What is Smart Business Card ?

There are many ways to attract customers or potential clients to your business. You can launch an ad campaign, create a website, host an event or execute a social media strategy. But one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal is your business card. Even in this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media lead generation, there are still advantages to having a business card. Yes, technology has changed the face of business, but it has not replaced business cards. In fact, technology has enhanced business cards making them even more useful and smart. For generations business cards have been the accepted form of introduction. The world is rapidly changing and people now expect more. Your business card can now be turned into a live advert whereby readers can digitally interact with it using a smart device. Open up a new world to your clients and ensure they hold on to your business card.

What is Smart Maintenance ?

  • is a system, which consists of software and hardware,
  • is a 3D guided maintenance for industries,
  • enables maintenance teams who are at the field to easily find the equipment/instrument to be maintained,
  • let’s engineer/operator sees the task and then does the task by using a smart device,
  • makes clear and visual instructions appear on smart device,
  • makes paper manual directly appears on to the related real equipment,
  • makes personnel quickly learn maintenance procedures correctly even at the first time,
  • eliminates confusion,
  • provides safer, smarted and improved operation and maintenance,
  • let’s varied activities easily downloaded, meaning engineers arrive on site fully equipped for the specific task at hand.

What is Smart Book ?

Smart Book is a technology that is bringing a very different approach to education.

Today’s students are much more clued up about technology than their parents and use it on a constant basis. We can even call them as ‘digital generation’. Everything from Facebook and Twitter through to computer games, mobile phone apps, the iPad etc. forms a large part of a teenager’s lifestyle and teachers are aware of this use and reliance upon technology. So, it makes sense to use this as part of learning.

Smart Book is blended learning in which several learning approaches are combined together. This means a mix of computer aided learning such as augmented reality systems with traditional forms of learning. This hybrid approach is designed to meet the needs of all students, irrespective of their learning style.